4K - 1hour - Soothing drift downstream - relaxing music - meditation - nature film

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Discover the stunning English rivers -this beautiful film, with relaxing music and natural wildlife sounds, will take you on a journey downstream on one of the UK's most picturesque rivers.

Filmed from our canoe, Greeny, you’ll hear the sounds of the wildlife alongside deeply relaxing music.

Our films are designed to help you get closer to nature, relax and unwind.

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The mental health benefits of a daily dose of nature have long been documented.

Some of our audience play our films in their living rooms on the TV whilst they’re relaxing, some just before bedtime – others on the train on their mobile. Let us know in the comments where you are watching – we’d love to hear from you.

We hope you watch our films and then go and have your own adventure outdoors.

The day we filmed this is was a crisp Autumn day with a slight chill in the air. There is nothing simply nothing better than being outdoors filling your lungs with fresh air!


**Visit this stunning river**

The River Stour, Canterbury, Kent has a path alongside the river. You can do a longer walk but a brilliant short walk (or paddle) is between Fordwhich and Grove Ferry and there are two fantastic pubs at each end.

Check out these books for brilliant walks and pubs along the River Stour.

Walking in Kent – 40 circular short walks and day walks

Ordnance Survey map for the area:

**Paddle this stunning river**
The River Stour, Canterbury, Kent, is a really enjoyable day out. It’s an easy paddle with two really good pubs at each end. The river is tidal so make sure you time it right!

These two books are useful for paddling (and not just in Kent).

Pub Paddles https://amzn.to/2IoNoiK

Canoe and Kayak map of Britain https://amzn.to/39m0k4F

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