5 Minutes to Relax: Magic Moments • Beautiful Piano Music • Short Relaxing Music for Stress Relief

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You need some relaxation, but have only 5 minutes? Enjoy this beautiful piano music to relax, sleep or meditate. The 5 minute break music will recharge your batteries. So make yourself comfortable and listen to the short relaxing music for stress relief.
This beautiful piano music is also a perfect calming background music to study, read and work. As well you can use this 5 minute relaxing music for sleeping, relaxation, meditation, learning and much more. Enjoy!

Copyright Music: „Magic moments“ © Robert Schneider (Composer of Relaxing Balance Music)

Thanks so much to the Pixabay artists Yuri_B for the wonderful picture and to tommyvideo for the fascinating video. I combined both and animated them additionally.

Do you like my „Magic moments“ piano music and want to listen longer?
Here is the link to the 1 hour video: https://youtu.be/uUVMbMRKvo4

"5 minutes to relax" is a special video series by Relaxing Balance Music.
These are short 5 minute videos with relaxing music or sounds for small breaks to relax and recharge your batteries.
Here are some nice suggestions of short relaxing music for you:

Butterfly https://youtu.be/YuiIRS_3PWk
Seaweed https://youtu.be/37eU6JBcPvw
Calming animation https://youtu.be/PMW6QdQLyWY
Yellow fields https://youtu.be/vXQo003fA2Y
Naturelight https://youtu.be/suL1Z0oEFhs

I am Robert Schneider, composer and creator of Relaxing Balance Music. My wish is creating a place where you can relax and feel inspired. In my videos I want to show you the beauty of music, sounds and nature.

Enjoy my channel – I'm looking forward to your comments.
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Thanks so much!

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