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This track Twinkle dreams will help you to relax and focus on something giving you the natural feel of a seashore in binaural music. Just sit back, loosen yourself and make your mind empty putting on this track and you'll see yourself concentrating in your reading, meditation, or whatever it might be.

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1 hour of calming, soothing, relaxing, and binaural music with nature sounds and bird ambiance which makes you travel through a peaceful journey with music.


I'm Richards, the creator, and producer of all the music that's posted on this channel. The ultimate purpose of creating this channel Relaxing Tape is to SPREAD PEACE THROUGH MUSIC. In this world full of stress, anxiety, depression, and pressure, I wanted to create a place of peace for everyone with what I have and that urge led me to create this channel for you!

You can play this music for various purposes like sleeping, music therapy, reading books, in restaurants, in the spa, during meditating, studying, working, for relaxing, focusing, reducing stress, calming your mind and so much more.

Thank you so much for listening and taking time to read all the above description, kindly leave your FEEDBACK in comments below, that'll really help me and motivate me to make more music like this for you. Find the links in about section to connect with me. Happy listening.
-Richards E
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