Easy to Follow Cardio Workout for Women Over 40

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Fun, sweaty, effective and easy to follow cardio workout for women over 40.

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FIT IN 15 - DAY 4

I did the beginning of this workout three effing times and I still could have re-done it.


Because we ladder our time with each set I pulled out my new GymBoss timer that can take more than 2 different interval times.

Which is a totally awesome tool, if you are smart.

I guess I am not because I miscalculated the times for all the sets and about 10-minutes in I realized that we weren't laddering down in time. So, I erased that footage and re-did the warm-up and workout again... only to screw that up again.

I re-filmed the warm-up and first circuit AGAIN and then AGAIN I realized that the timed intervals weren't what they should be.

But by then I was so over re-doing the warm-up that I said "screw it", paused the camera, switched out the timers, and continued on.

Other than that the workout rocks.

Tools: nothing

1. Mini skaters
2. Squat
3. Mountain climbers
1 x 40sec
1 x 30sec
1 x 20sec

4. Star jacks
5. Alt reverse lunges with twist
6. Squat jacks
7. Football side shuffles
1 x 40sec
1 x 30sec
1 x 20sec

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