Environs Ep 2: Relaxing Music Mix (Ad Free) for relaxation, study, or sleep.

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55 minutes of relaxing music and gardening visuals to enjoy, for relaxation, study, or sleep. All of it ad free.

So whether you want to just relax and watch me doing the hard work, listen to the music in the background why you do your own thing, or just enjoy the feeling of being here in the garden with me, these are videos that you can come back to time and time again.

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Track Listing from Epidemic Sound:
0:00 Somewhere in Between - August Wilhelmsson
2:31 Soft Upon Your Face - Ave Air
5:45 Forest Findings - Ookean
9:17 Fairy Prion - Dust Follows
11:39 Indulgence - Alec Slayne
14:31 Red Star - Elm Lake
17:06 Worlds Apart - Rannar Sillard
19:56 Squaric - Martin Gauffin
22:29 First Moon - Cerulean Skies
26:24 Astral Roar - Lama House
29:56 After The Rain - Silver Maple
33:05 Distant Glow - Rannar Sillard
35:16 Cloaked Emotions - Lama House
39:09 Bird of Passage - Jakob Ahlbom
41:17 To Clarity - Airae
44:51 A Drop in the Ocean - Jakob Ahlbom
47:55 The Transience of Everything - Ave Air
51:46 Departure - August Wilhemsson

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