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• instrumental music to chill out and relax easy listening

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• Title: Memories
• Composer:
• Introduce: This track, written by, is called "Memories", and you can listen to it and do beautiful relaxing music for stress relief, studying, sleeping, relaxing, working, driving, traveling, thinking, prayer, and book reading

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Absolutely any use of my music require credit in the title (Prod. by Jable_Music) and any social media use of my music require credit to me in the caption

And for commercial use please get approval from me.
Thank you :)

• Music Copyright ⓒ Jable_Music

[ Message from Jable Music ]
- Even if it is difficult to solve all your heavy emotions and problems in your life, I started this channel with the vision to listen to your story through comments and to give you warm comfort in your day. I hope all of you who visited my channel are happy and comfortable :)

• 편안한 음악을 즐기며 휴식을 취하십시오.

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• 제목: Memories
• 작곡가:
• 설명: J.able이 작곡한 이 트랙은 "Memories"라고 하며 이 편안한 음악을 들으며 스트레스 해소, 공부, 수면, 수면유도, 휴식, 일, 드라이브, 여행, 생각, 기도, 독서 등을 할 수 있습니다.

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