Total Body Strength Workout to Build Bone Density for Women Over 40

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The perfect over 40 workout to build bone density, increase muscle strength, and improve hip and shoulder mobility.

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This strength workout is all about improving your bone density through a sound and solid strength workout, with some great mobility drills at the beginning and end.

The perfect strength-only workout for women over 40.

Tools: a pair of light, moderate & heavy dumbbells and a pillow if you have sensitive knees

1. Sumo squat - time under tension
2. Chest press
3. Dead bug
4. Wide standing row
2 x 40sec

5. Low reverse lunges
6. Chest flys
7. Plank with shoulder taps
8. Reverse flys
2 x 40sec

9. Supune across body single arm tricep extension
10. Other arm
11. Kneeling shoulder presses
12. Bicep curls
2 x 40sec

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